Actress Kavita Kaushik Throws Taunt on Re-telecast of ‘Ramayana’, Twitter Trolls Her Harshly

Actress Kavita Kaushik Throws Taunt on Re-telecast of ‘Ramayana’, Twitter Trolls Her Harshly

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Who hasn’t watch the epic Ramayana . It’s been a remake so many times but the Ramayana , which starred Arun Govil , Deepika and Sunil Lahiri as Ram , Seeta and Laxman , in support of many other actors , is a memorable one .

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Doordarshan has started a re-telecast of Ramanand Sagar’s classic, Saga . The show was part of our routine when it was first shown in the 80’s.

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However, Kavita Kaushik does not seem to be too thrilled about it. The lady tweeted, “Khud toh parliament mei baith ke phone pe porn dekhte hai, humko Ramayan dekhne ko keh rahe hai.”

Let’s have a look at her tweet:

She took that sarcastic dig towards the ministers , who are not doing that much for the nation as they are expected to be . She felt the same and tweeted the weird statement.

Netizens slams Kavita as they didn’t seem to agree with her thought.

Let’s have a look at their tweets:

They are guessing that she might be feeling that this is time to focus on more grave issues than think about programming. However, a majority of viewers said the telecast of Ramayan made them nostalgic about their childhood.

It’s definitely a great chance for the kiddos , to get some knowledge about the mythology Ramanaya ,who other are busy in watching other cartoon channels in this lock-down period.


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