Admit IT! These 14 Classic Bollywood Films Should Deserves a Hollywood Remake

Admit IT! These 14 Classic Bollywood Films Should Deserves a Hollywood Remake

We all are aware of the fact that most of the Bollywood movies are inspired by Hollywood. But there are some Bollywood movies which are no less than Hollywood itself. Now, not just Bollywood, but Hollywood too gets inspired by our Bollywood movies. Many Hollywood movies have been inspired by Bollywood.

So, here are some Bollywood movies whose remake we would love to see in Hollywood.

1- Udaan

The pressure to give up on one’s dream and forced to lead a normal life, is something many of us has gone through. It would be interesting to see how Hollywood shows the emotional turbulence of a teenager. Though there are many movies in Hollywood based on teen problems, but this one will be a great achievement for them too.

2- Swades

The movie made us realise that money is not everything we want in life. The movies makes you question your existence. It would be interesting to see how Hollywood will portray this movie.

3- Devdas

A cult classic. Even Bollywood has two remakes of the movie. Imagine Brad Pitt as alcoholic Dev Babu lost in love. It would be great to see a remake of Devdas in Hollywood.

4- Gangs Of Wasseypur

How about challenging Hollywood to remake this too Indian movie.? GOW had took our country to storm with its release, it would be interesting to see what magic it does in Hollywood.

5- Gulaal

The movie is about a law student who is elected as the general secretary of his college. There’s homicide, crime, casteism, and the typical Indian political mess. Can Hollywood recreate the brutal reality of one of India’s most critically-acclaimed movies?

6- Kahaani

The movie with a female protagonist- Vidya Bagchi, won the hearts of audience as well as critics. It will be worth seeing how Hollywood portrays such a movie. Imagine Dakota Johnson as Vidya Bagchi.

7- Nayak

Though the movie was also a remake of Tamil film Mudhalvan, it beautifully portrayed the problems of a common man and the monopoly of the government. This is one such problem which isn’t restricted to India only. A Hollywood remake would be worth watching.

8- 3 Idiots

This was one such movie which broke all the records not only in India but overseas also. Every Indian student can relate to this movie. A worth watching if made in Hollywood.

9- Sholay

A cult classic movie which had it all – drama, romance, action, comedy. It would be a challenge for Hollywood movie makers to remake this cult classic.

10- Queen

From not needing validation in a relationship to choosing freedom over marriage, this movie perfectly depicts the journey of a shy girl to a girl who doesn’t take anyone’s shit. It will be bewitching to see Hollywood portraying the story.

11- The Lunchbox

Have you ever seen a movie and after watching it you just need some time to process what are you feeling or what do you want from life,this movie made me do that. While watching it, you will realize that you will be anticipating the arrival of the lunchbox more then the characters. A Hollywood remake is a must for this movie.

12- Dil Chahta Hai

There are many movies made on friendship, but Dil Chahta Hai had portrayed the friendship between 3 guys so beautifully that it gave us some major friendship goals. Hollywood, not it’s your turn.

13- Iqbal

The perfect combination of cricket and emotions. A perfect treat to Indian audience. But can Hollywood create the same magic?

14- Lakshya

Though there are many movies based on armed forces, but the magic of Lakshya lies in its simplicity of how it has been narrated. What about Bradley Cooper in the movie?


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