Adorable Video Of Elderly Couple Dancing To ‘Lamberghini’ Is Winning Hearts

Adorable Video Of Elderly Couple Dancing To ‘Lamberghini’ Is Winning Hearts

Dance holds an ageless magic for the world. It is a form of expression which brings joy to both the performer and the audience. When we dance, we’re free. We’re liberated. We’re vindicated.

While we get to see a whole lot of young folks dancing on the internet, there’s something about grooving elderly folks which tugs at our heart strings. It speaks of life and love, and hope and zest.

A Punjabi couple have turned into an overnight internet sensation, thanks to a video of them twirling to the Punjabi banger Lamberghini.

The video, that was originally shared by the couple’s daughter on her Instagram handle, has the couple dressed impeccably – the former in a suit, and the latter in a saree- taking to the dance floor and jiving together. The duo look as happy as can be, wearing big infectious smiles, as they enjoy the DJ’s beats.

Prior to this video, the daughter, had shared another video where the couple is seen dancing on the same song.

“Since the world has fallen in love with you two, and since this has become your song…I thought I’d share a little more love with everyone on your birthday”, wrote Gitana Singh, their daughter.

“Grass, Dancefloor, or in between lunch tables, nothing will stop them!”, she added.

While we absolutely love both the videos, we’ve got to admit that the husband-wife duo has a magic! However, we’re legit fans of this beautiful family, and hope that they continue to dance their way into our hearts.

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