After Getting Over 10,000 Tweets & Requests, Parle Brings Back Rola-Cola

After Getting Over 10,000 Tweets & Requests, Parle Brings Back Rola-Cola

As 90s kids, overloading on sugar was a regular occurrence. From cotton candy to ice lollies, the world was our oyster. But there was one candy that was the perfect combination of two of our favourite things, cola and candy. Rol-A-Cola is making a comeback in the Indian market!

I apologize for repeating such a cliché statement but, the internet is really such a powerful place. Most of the time, this line is said about some heart-warming story, but this time it’s a nostalgic one.

Rola-Cola is back. Oh, what a day!

Yep, the iconic candy, that was discontinued in 2006, is back, all thanks to Twitter and about 10,000 retweets. 

So, the story began back in February this year when Twitter user @ssaig asked Parle to bring back Rola-Cola. Since you simply can’t just ask for things on Twitter, he further asked how many retweets it would take for Parle to see that people want this back.  

Parle soon came up with a nice little number and, honestly, it seemed pretty achievable.

As soon as Parle kept the 10k retweet condition, people got excited and even got #BringBackRolaCola trending. That’s dedication to nostalgia right there.

Krishna Rao, Senior Category Head Parle Products said,

“We had discontinued Rola-Cola around 2006 for the domestic market while continuing to sell it in international markets such as Africa. But when a customer asked us how many retweets we will need to get the candy back on shelves in the country, we responded swiftly. As the positive responses started pouring in, we set an aim to bring the brand back on retail shelves in about 75 days — after getting 10,000 retweets.”

Then, a couple of months ago, it was officially announced that after getting 10,000 retweets, Rola-Cola would definitely be coming back.

Already, the company has started distribution of the cola candy after starting production in mid-September. The company said that the new version of the product is taller, stronger and cooler with 12 pack slabs.

Every 90s kid is feeling quite nostalgic right now and sharing their excitement with each other over the comeback of the year.

Are you excited?


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