After Nana Patekar gets clean chit, Tanushree Dutta releases statement, questions PM Modi

After Nana Patekar gets clean chit, Tanushree Dutta releases statement, questions PM Modi

As of late, Mumbai Police gave a spotless chit to Bollywood entertainer, Nana Patekar in a lewd behavior body of evidence documented against him by on-screen character Tanushree Dutta. Dutta had affirmed Patekar of carrying on improperly with her on the arrangements of Horn Ok Pleassss in 2008. In its conclusion report, the Mumbai Police additionally expressed that the claims leveled against Patekar were “false” and were made with “noxious goal.” The report expressed, “There was a malevolent purpose and false protest was recorded by Tanushree Dutta against Nana Patekar.”

Dutta has now guaranteed that witnesses were threatened and phony observers were planted so as to debilitate the case. She has additionally arraigned the police of accepting hush money from the blamed (Nana Patekar) and giving him a perfect chit consequently. She stated, “The police were connected at the hip with the blamed appropriate from the very first moment.” She included, “I need to ask how a lot of cash did Nana and his kin pay the police to document such a report and consider me a malignant liar.”

Tanushree Dutta has additionally blamed the police for lying in its conclusion report and messing with the proof. In her announcement, she stated, “The Mumbai Police lied in its report to the court that my objection with CINTAA did not have inappropriate behavior in it. They were given the duplicate of my manually written 2008 grievance to CINTAA that obviously referenced inappropriate behavior substantiating my 2018 FIR. In 2008 they had wouldn’t take my FIR and contorted and controlled the objection to ensure the charged. Likewise, everybody recalls that CINTAA had issued a composed statement of regret for not tending to that grievance. This conciliatory sentiment by CINTAA was generally distributed in media and we even gave the cops a duplicate of that expression of remorse to demonstrate that. This is debasement at its grossest dimension. How might they bend proof that way and totally turn it against me and for denounced??”

In any case, she didn’t just accuse the police yet additionally addressed PM Modi over the whole issue. She addressed him for the sort of vision he has for the nation and furthermore inquired as to why little girls in the nation driven by him needed to face such badgering. She stated, “Modi ji..what happened to a debasement free India?? A little girl of the nation gets bothered by a sequential guilty party, assaulted by a crowd in broad daylight, denied equity again and again and her name is insulted, she is compromised, pressurized, her profession is obliterated and actually determined out of the nation to carry on with a real existence of obscurity and your police power say her grumbling is false and malignant!!! Yehi hai apka Raam Rajya?? Being conceived in an ardent hindu family maine toh suna tha ki Raam naam satya hai toh phir kyun is desh mein asatya aur adharm ki bar Vijay hoti rahi hai?? Jawab dijiye mujhe.”

Here, it must be comprehended that Nana Patekar has been cleared by the police before the legal executive. This is basically a piece of the law authorization component including the police and the legal executive. All things considered PM Modi does not have the event to mediate since it would establish a gross infringement of the legal procedure and the autonomy of the legal executive. The Constitution endorses certain constraints on the forces of each wing of the legislature. In that capacity no wing of the legislature ought to transgress its points of confinement and involve the position held by some other wing.

On the off chance that Tanushree Dutta has a worry or any proof proposing the police had accepted hush money, the media and the PM Modi are not the general population who should be tended to about it, however the legal executive. Unimportant charges on the police with no proof can’t generally prompt an assumption against the Police or the blamed. Also, regardless of whether there is proof with that impact, it is for the legal executive to settle on it. Presently, where an issue falls completely in the domain of law implementation and legal procedure, it is very out of line to haul in the PM Modi and question him about the Investigation and legal procedure.


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