All 4 accused in rape-murder of Telangana vet killed while trying to flee: Cops

All 4 accused in rape-murder of Telangana vet killed while trying to flee: Cops

All the four blamed in the assault and murder for a 26-year-old veterinary specialist in Telangana a week ago were killed in an experience in the early long periods of Friday, police said.

An authority of the Cyberabad police commissionerate, who affirmed the occurrence, said the experience occurred around 3.30 am under a scaffold on the Bengaluru-Hyderabad national expressway close Chattanpalli town at Shadnagar.This is a similar spot where the charged had carried out the wrongdoing the evening of November 27 and the scorched body of the injured individual was discovered the following morning.

Every one of the four – Mohammad Ali false name Mohammad Arif, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen Kumar and Chintakunta Chenna Keshavulu – had been taken to Chattanpalli to reproduce the location of wrongdoing.

The police were interrogating them concerning how they had submitted the homicide, subsequent to assaulting the veterinarian at Shamshabad, when the charged supposedly assaulted the cops and attempted to flee from the spot.

“Cyberabad Police had carried the denounced people to the wrongdoing spot for re-development of the grouping of occasions. The denounced grabbed weapon and shot on Police. In self protection the police terminated back, in which the charged were murdered,” news organization ANI detailed DCP Shamshabad Prakash Reddy as saying .

The Cyberabad police captured the four denounced on November 29, inside 36 hours of the wrongdoing. They were created in the Shadnagar court on November 30 and were remanded to 14-day legal authority a similar night.

On Wednesday, the court had conceded a seven-day police care of the blamed. The police arrested them on Thursday and had been cross examining them from that point forward.

While the Telangana government had established an extraordinary quick track court at Mahabubnagar for the rapid transfer of the case, the Cyberabad police framed seven exceptional groups to research into the case in all edges.


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