Amitabh Bachchan Shares a Fake Satellite Image of India, Twitter Gets Intolerant & Trolls Him Poorly

Amitabh Bachchan Shares a Fake Satellite Image of India, Twitter Gets Intolerant & Trolls Him Poorly

Exploring the extent of 'fake news' on social media •

With the vast technology of internet , comes various social media platforms where an individual can put views and thoughts. Amidst COVID-19 , when social media platforms are the biggest source of reflecting information, all are making a great use of it.

But the authenticity of any news , depends on the source from where it is coming and it should not be fake or provoking . Many a times it happens that people share news on various social media platforms without knowing that it’s a fake one and they become the target of the ones , who check the original source.

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Same thing happened , with the respectable senior Bachchan of the Bollywood industry.

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We all know that in this scenario , where Novel Corona-virus is at it’s peak , all citizens are united and that’s what our PM Modi stated and showed the same when he appealed “At 5 pm for 5 mins” for appauding the Corona-fighters, on 22nd March and “At 9 PM for 9 Mins” on 5th April , to give a sign that everyone is united .

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After this , Big B took his Twitter account and shared a picture of glowing India on the world map.He captioned the picture as : ” The World sees us .. we are ONE” .

Check out his tweet below:

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But this time , unfortunately what he posted, turned out to be fake and made the actor an object of mockery on social media.Many social media users even trolled him by advising to uninstall Whats-app from his phone.

Let’s have a look on some reactions what he got:

On this note , I would conclude that we all should be careful while posting any picture or video on any social media platform and check for it’s authenticity .


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