An Activist Calls ‘Shri Shri Feminist 1001’ to Taapsee Pannu on Twitter, Actress Lost Her Cool

An Activist Calls ‘Shri Shri Feminist 1001’ to Taapsee Pannu on Twitter, Actress Lost Her Cool

Thappad starring Taapsee Pannu had become the most talked movie of the 2020. Everyone has a different opinion about the movie. Helmed by Anubhav Sinha, the movie deals with the sensitive issue of domestic violence.

Though the movie got positive reviews, Taapsee is receiving a lot of flak of lately. Recently, she got trolled by activist Deepika Bhardwaj.

It all started when Taapsee came in favour of Neha Dhupia’s statement and tweeted:

“For all the ppl writing abusive and harassing messages to you and your family should know, they aren’t on the right side of the moral compass they r acting to be the torch bearers of. Adultery is wrong morally n so is violence. One can’t be the response to the other.”

The activist sharing an image of Taapsee’s movie, Manmarziyaan, in which she is seen slapping Vicky, wrote:

“This is u just in case u forgot. Characters u play in reel is how normal humans also behave in real. When u are hurt by ur partner, u react. Slap is wrong but to call a partners cheating a “choice” is bonkers. U & she both need 2 check ur double standards on gender based violence”

To which Taapsee responded:

“Go watch the film again u will understand the difference in context. N while u r at it, re read my tweet n considering your prolific bio I hope u will understand English. If not u can contact a more sensible person to translate. Regards”

This didn’t end here. Deepika once again trolled Taapsee and wrote:

“When a man slaps a woman, focus on slap & not the reason. When a woman slaps a man hard multiple times, focus on the reason & not the slap. Gyaan from Shri Shri Feminist 1001 @taapsee”

However, Taapsee gave a befitting reply and wrote:

“Kindly focus on the reason both the times. N if u can’t see the difference contact sri sri ‘any regular sane human being’ for help. N next time, try other ways to sound reasonable, this one isn’t working anymore :)”


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