An Incredible Love Story From United States To Bangladesh

An Incredible Love Story From United States To Bangladesh

We have heard many love stories from Lancelot and Guinevere to Romeo and Juliet. But today we will read about the most incredible love story of this era that traveled  from the United States to Bangladesh. This is the story of a Bangladeshi guy Apu Mandal and a Californian girl Sara Kuhn. The couple is now happily married.

Their love story started on Facebook through a Facebook group and on November 19, 2017, Apu and Sara became Facebook  friends. They both started talking and Sara started liking Apu. From normal chats to romantic messages and video calls their relationship became strong. After a whole year of long-distance online relationship they both decided to marry. Last week Sarah landed at Dhaka airport, Bangladesh and met her love Apu for the first time.

Then they traveled to Barista Apu’s village, where she was greeted by his family members. Dates were fixed for various marital ceremonies. Firstly they took vows in a Church then they got married by Bengali rituals.

The marriage took place in a hotel of Bandar Road, Barisal, Bangladesh. As soon as the news of their marriage spread in the region a huge crowd gathered around Apu’s house to see the foreign bride. Earlier they decided to marry in US but due to some visa issue, Apu couldn’t go there.


So Sarah came to Bangladesh to marry him. To form a better relationship with Apu’s family, Sarah even learned Bengali. Their incredible love story is really hard to believe in this era where we see an endless number of fake love stories on social media, but Apu and Sarah have really set an example for others.