An Indian Taxi Driver refused to charge fare from Pak Cricketers, What they did with him is Heart melting

An Indian Taxi Driver refused to charge fare from Pak Cricketers, What they did with him is Heart melting

We all have seen the competition level which India and Pakistan have especially, when it comes to cricket .The die hard fans keeps on waiting for the day when both the countries are face to face .

Today, we share a news that is worth reading ,which shows that sports only unite.

According to India Today, the commentator and ABC radio presenter Alison Mitchell was commentating for the Australia and Pakistan 1st Test of 2019.As she started the commentary when she narrated to her fellow commentator, former Australia pacer Mitchell Johnson about an incident when an Indian cab driver had dinner with 5 Pakistani cricketers,

In a report from NDTV ,it was revealed that it all happened when Mitchell took a cab to the Gabba stadium in Brisbane. Incidentally, the same cabbie was earlier called to the Pakistani cricketers’ hotel to take the five Pakistan players including Yasir Shah, Shaheen Afridi and Naseem Shah to a restaurant, revealed. The cabbie shared the entire incident with her.

Alison Mitchell said: “A couple of days ago, he was called to the Pakistan team hotel and picked up five of the Pakistan players. They wanted to go to an Indian restaurant for a meal. He drove them to an Indian restaurant.”

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She further added that cabbie refused to take the fare as the charm and love for the cricketers . In return ,when the cricketers felt his respect and love for them ,they invited him to dinner along with them.

Mitchell further quoted : “He showed the photograph on his phone of him sitting at the table at the restaurant with five members of the Pakistan cricket team,” .

Let’s watch the video

Netizens appreciated the kind gesture of that sweet exchange .Let’s look at the compliments:

The match was not a fruitful one for Pakistani cricketers which took place at the Gabba stadium .Nonetheless ,they actually made a special place in the hearts of many by their gesture and as they say that sport is always above any religion.

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