An Off Duty Pilot and Air Hostess caught kissing & Cuddling on Delhi-Kolkata Flight

An Off Duty Pilot and Air Hostess caught kissing & Cuddling on Delhi-Kolkata Flight

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When a person in on-duty ,all the rules and regulations are need to be followed .Not only as a part of the professionalism but also to maintain dignity in the public.

Recently ,a bit weird incident happened ,where the employees of Spicejet got fired for doing indecent activities on-board.

Delhi-Kolkata SpiceJet flight which took off last month ,where an off-duty pilot and a flight attendant were caught engaging in a public display of affection in the air.

The flight attendant was in uniform and on duty while the pilot (first officer) boarded the aircraft as an additional crew member. Both took adjacent seats on the flight at the rear end of the aircraft.

However, a passenger caught them engaging in indecent activities and behaving inappropriately in public and lodged a complaint with the airline. SpiceJet conducted an internal enquiry and upon confirmation, terminated both the employees with immediate effect.

Seemingly, the Passengers who uses the lavatories at the rear end noticed the them involved in the weird public act.

According to the report of TOI,the passenger quoted:” the flight attendant and a passenger behaved inappropriately and indecently on board the flight. An internal inquiry showed the passenger engaged in indecent conduct was a first officer pilot. Both crew members were questioned and thereafter terminated from service”

Post the incident happened, the airline later released a statement on flight safety case study, called ‘Unprofessional behaviour at workplace’ to send out across a strong message to its crew members. “Uncultured practice at workplace driven by individual attitude may adversely affect the reputation of the company (airline), demoralise co-workers and there could also be serious safety lapses and consequences… Employees shall always maintain decorum and professionalism at the workplace,” the SpiceJet statement said.

Spicejet gave their justification by saying that the two employees were not maintaining the professionalism on-duty,so this harsh step had to be taken by the Airline.


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