Anand Mahindra Awefully Trolled NY Times Article Saying Deep Breathing Is Good For Health

Anand Mahindra Awefully Trolled NY Times Article Saying Deep Breathing Is Good For Health

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The chairman of Mahindra group , Mr. Anand Mahindra is talk of the town every now and then as he is very active social media user . Apart from his cars , this time he has a new topic to talk about and that is an interesting one to read to.

Recently , it came from the scientists of Stanford University and very strange to hear to.

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Well, if you are thinking that it’s some amazing fact or something which we Indians never knew, you are utterly wrong as they, for the first ever time, have discovered that deep breathing is good for health. And guess what, they didn’t carry out this research on humans but mice.. I mean, really?

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It took them the hell of a lot time, money and mice to uncover the health benefits of deep breathing which we call “PRANAYAMA” in India. Not only this, we have been knowing why we should do Yoga and Pranayama as well as its advantages since ages.

An entire article was published on it by New York Times which also tweeted it and faced the backlash on Twitter. The New York Times tweeted, “Scientists may have uncovered for the first time why taking deep breaths can be so calming”

Let’s see to the tweet:

In fact, Anand Mahindra, couldn’t stop himself from trolling NYT for this. He tweeted, “Really?And no mention of pranayama or Yoga? Does it take Stanford researchers with a lab full of mice to tell you what yogis knew aeons ago?”

Netizens too reacted bitter on the micro-blogging site openly thrashed NYT and Stanford University scientists for making this claim! Here are few selected tweets:

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