Anand Mahindra Bans Plastic Bottles From All His Companies After A Tweet

Anand Mahindra Bans Plastic Bottles From All His Companies After A Tweet

Mahindra Group Chairman, Anand Mahindra who is an energetic Twitter client as of late dazzled everybody when he pledged to “oust” plastic jugs from his meeting room.

The choice came when a Twitter client called attention to the plastic jugs in an image of a meeting room meeting shared by Mahindra on the online networking stage.

“The incredible intelligence and self-belief displayed by these youngsters is staggering. All concerns about the future are shoved aside by the optimism these young people inspire,” read the tweet where Mahindra also posted pictures from his recently held KC Mahindra Education Trust (KCMET) scholarship selection board meeting.

To which the attentive twitter client brought up and tweeted,”I figure the meeting room ought to have steel bottle rather than Plastic jug… Just a perception sir.”

Paying attention to the counsel, Mahindra answered to the post, promising to expel plastic containers. “Indeed, plastic jugs will be exiled. We were altogether humiliated to see them that day,” read the tweet.

This is the manner by which individual Twitter clients responded:

“Plastic Pollution” is a worldwide issue effectsly affecting the water bodies, nature and ocean life. With numerous organizations around the globe battling for this issue, it to be sure feels extraordinary to see Anand Mahindra doing his bit.


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