Anand Mahindra Shares The Most Desi ‘Jugaad’ For Our Parking Woes & It’s Priceless

Anand Mahindra Shares The Most Desi ‘Jugaad’ For Our Parking Woes & It’s Priceless

Plastic has turned out to be such a product in our lives today… no, strike that. It has been ‘made into’ a ware and offered to us in such tremendous masses, that we have come to acknowledge it as a necessary piece of our lives.

Yet, this wasn’t the manner by which it was intended to be. Still isn’t. However, in spite of the fact that we are so far away from our optimal association with plastic, and have appropriated it to suit our needs so much, we discover it somewhat difficult to go separate ways with this aggravation.

As of late, multi-extremely rich person industrialist Anand Mahindra was gotten out by an associate for the organization’s utilization of plastic containers in the workplace, to which the Mahindra stalwart answered saying that plastic jugs will be restricted with the workplace premises.

Be that as it may, Mr Mahindra as of late returned with another elective method for upcycling plastic waste, particularly in a way that isn’t just eco-accommodating yet in addition helps control another threat that torment our nation – parking spot.

Sharing the desi jugaad Anand Mahindra composed, “I had tweeted about banning plastic water bottles in my office & I suppose that could apply to a number of plastic products around us. But good to see people creatively recycling stuff as well!”

Isn’t this an extraordinary method for handling two worries on the double? We thoroughly concur with Mr Mahindra when he proposes that we ought to search for more methods for upcycling (and reusing) plastic waste around us. Much the same as this –

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