Annoyed Thief Leaves Note For landlord After He Finds Nothing To Steal

Annoyed Thief Leaves Note For landlord After He Finds Nothing To Steal

Who doesn’t want to keep their homes safe from theft? If you want to, you should read some useful tips shared by some former burglars. However, gone are the days when only money or valuables were stolen, these days thieves steal onions too! Not only do they rob you but sometimes come up with peculiar antics too.

A local thief, who had barged into a government bungalow in Madhya Pradesh’s Shajapur district was left disappointed when he had to leave the house empty-handed.

He had spent an entire night breaking into the bungalow of Parvesh Soni, an executive engineer in the RES Department. At the time of the robbery, Soni was not home. His bungalow lies adjacent to a judge and a joint collector in Adarsh Nageen Nagar. After the failed attempt, the frustrated thief left a note for the homeowner calling him a miser.

“Bahut kanjoos hai rey tu, khidki todne ki mehnat bhi nahi mili, raat kharab ho gayi (You are a miser, I did not even get a reward for breaking in through the window, my night turned out to be bad),” the note read.

The note was found by Soni’s servants the next morning, who then alerted the police. On arrival at the crime scene, the police found that all the cupboards and closets had been forcefully opened. Clothes and other daily use items were left scattered around. Soni’s dairy which was on a small coffee table was left open on the page with the thief’s note.

Now the matter is under investigation. Police are scanning the surveillance camera footage to find clues. The note has been sent to a handwriting expert for scrutiny.

Naive or witty? You decide. We just hope the ‘frustrated thief’ is caught soon.


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