Artist Continues To Create Hilarious Illustrations About Couple’s Life

Artist Continues To Create Hilarious Illustrations About Couple’s Life

When a couple is newly wed,everything is so cool and refreshing .As its the first experience to spend lifetime with each other .But after a span everything becomes so regular as the couple is habitual to the routine.Today presenting you a brilliant artist and his gorgeous wife and how they presented their life via animation .If we ask any couple, Its so relatable!!!

Tel-Aviv based artist Yehuda Devir illustrated a their everyday life so amusingly .Previously,few months back they made an announcement that are expecting a baby which they showed by a series of hilarious illustrations that revealed their journey of creating a new life, the couple made it into an animated documentary that is surely worth watching.

Maya nurtures all the creativity he needs to create his cute and often relatable comics. Whether she’s riding the house of cockroaches, using him as her personal protector (or pillow), Inspired him to work out, or Smash the kitchen while making some delicious food (like cereal). Yehuda’s comics were in demand so that we thought we’d show you some of his latest and interesting work in his ongoing series, called “One of Those Days”, Represents for those little things in life that everybody suffering in a relationship will understand. From birthday celebrations and haircut meltdowns to wardrobe dilemmas and Game of Thrones marathons, Yehuda’s comics are as interesting and cute as they are relatable, the artist has over 4.8 Million followers on Instagram. 

This happens almost to every couple.The pictures are so hilarious yet real.


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