Be Prepared To Pay A Rs. 1000 Challan For Not Wearing Seatbelt On The Back Seat!

Be Prepared To Pay A Rs. 1000 Challan For Not Wearing Seatbelt On The Back Seat!

The Motor Vehicle Act amended by the Parliament simply states that if you violate traffic rules and regulations, you will definitely pay a much greater fine and might also face longer imprisonment, than what existed before.

The several penalties for violating traffic rules have been hiked up to five times. Most penalties are a reiteration of earlier traffic rules and the public is aware of them, whereas some of these penalties are new. A passenger in a vehicle not wearing a seat belt is one of them and that includes all the passengers, even the one seating at the back of the seat. 

The mandate applies to all passengers 14 years or above. 

The new law notifies a penalty of Rs 1000 if any of the passengers in a vehicle is not wearing a seat belt. It is interesting to note that while the law was already mentioned under the Motor Vehicle Act, it was never really imposed by the traffic police on the roads. With the new Motor Vehicle Act though, things might be set to change.

The traffic police would soon run an awareness campaign to sensitise people to the importance of wearing a seat belt even for passengers on the rear seats. Later, the rule will be enforced.

As the rules around traffic safety tighten, several new amendments have been made to the Motor Vehicle Act. Another penalty of Rs. 10,000 will be imposed on those who block the way of an emergency vehicle on the road. 

All we can say is that if you violate, you’re going to face the wrath of the new laws. 


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