Before And After Photos Reveal The Damage Caused By Bushfires On Kangaroo Island

Before And After Photos Reveal The Damage Caused By Bushfires On Kangaroo Island

The Kangroo island which has the total population of 4500 , has been destroyed with the bushfire .The devastating state of the island is heart breaking . It’s lush green carpets have been turned into the barren lands .

Today ,we present you , some of the heart wrenching before and after images , raging bushfires on Kangaroo Island.

Let’s have a look :

A rescued koala injured in a bushfire in Kangaroo Island recovers at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park 

Incredible before and after photos of the winding road through the Flinders Chase National Park has revealed how brutal the continuous spreading fires is

An inferno ripped through the small island off the coast of South Australia

The devastating state of the Koala’s home..

The road once filled with lush greenery is presently left completely charred with blackened branches remaining

Bushfire destoyed the Great Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island

How it looks now..

Reacting to the situation , a user wrote: ‘How fucking devastating.’

Another added: ‘I am so sad for my country and for our beautiful wildlife.’

I can’t comprehend everything that has happened yet.’ a third wrote.

Work to restore the power supply is going on with the convoy of army vehicles up to 100 reservists arriving on the island to help the community.A large area has been effected in the dangerous bush fire and according to SA Power Networks , it may take much more time to make the power supply back on track.


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