Ben Stokes Threatens To Delete ‘Twitter’ Over Virat Kohli Banter

Ben Stokes Threatens To Delete ‘Twitter’ Over Virat Kohli Banter

The world was stuck directly before their TV screen to observe the continuous ICC World Cup coordinate between India versus Pakistan at Old Trafford. Be that as it may, England’s everything rounder Ben Stokes on Sunday made a giggling tornado not on the field but rather via web-based networking media.

Stirs responded to how he is depleted of the tweets which notice that Indian commander Virat Kohli purportedly utilize the word Ben Stokes while praising group India’s triumph on pitch.

Ben Stokes tweeted, I may erase Twitter to make sure I don’t need to see another tweet perusing “He’s idiom Ben Stokes”(when he’s obviously not)in answer to a video of Virat saying you comprehend what it was clever the initial multiple times.

All things considered, we’ll know what lord Kohli really articulates on the field, isn’t that right? Netizens were amazed by Ben Stokes clever comical inclination and Twitter was honored with silly images and remarks by Desi Twitter while Virat Kohli was caught up with captaining his group against Pakistan.

Have a glance at the best tweets from the thread:


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