Bihar Man Turns His Car Into A Chic Helicopter When He Fails To Become A Pilot!

Bihar Man Turns His Car Into A Chic Helicopter When He Fails To Become A Pilot!

Jugaad and Indians share an unbreakable bond since time everlasting! To the extent vehicles are concerned no one around the globe can move beyond us regarding altering them according to our needs. Keep in mind how a Pune man transformed his bike into an undeniable cut auto shop? Or on the other hand the Uber driver who fitted shaving mirror instead of a rearview reflect?

Additionally, we’ve generally felt weak at the knees over planes! Directly from Ravana’s Pushpak Vimaan to Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who made India’s first-since forever plane, we want to fly high. Keep in mind?

Mithilesh Prasad from Bihar wished to turn into a pilot however couldn’t so he chose to transform his very own vehicle into a helicopter! An ideal blend of jugaad and dimaag, Mithilesh transformed his Tata Nano vehicle into a helicopter with a redid inside and fresh out of the plastic new paint work. His vehicle cum-chopper likewise has a propeller. What’s more, it looks truly cool!

Along these lines, some splendid building abilities by Mithilesh positively merit acclaim. This one is in reality the baap of all jugaads! The main nature of a helicopter that it needs is it can’t fly! LOL!

This is what individuals need to state about this imaginative development!

What are your contemplations on this exceedingly inventive jugaad? Yahoo or nay?


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