Bodyguard’s Salary of these 6 Famous Bollywood Stars will Make You to Quit Your Job

Bodyguard’s Salary of these 6 Famous Bollywood Stars will Make You to Quit Your Job

After becoming a celebrity there are things that come along with it name, fame, money and most importantly fans. Our Bollywood celebrities are people who need security the most since they are most of the time gathered by fans and media persons. And to protect their fans comes to our rescue our powerful bodyguards who become a very important part of their lives.

Their life is definitely tough and there’s no doubt about that and it is sure that their salary definitely has to be handsome. Now you might be thinking what will be the annual salary of these people. We have dug out the amounts that our celebrities pay to protect themselves from any mishappening.

1- Salman Khan – Shera

Shera is certainly more like family to Salman and has been around with for the longest of time. He gets paid a fortune for doing so! He gets a whopping 2 crores annually for his job.

2- Shah Rukh Khan – Ravi Singh

And then there is SRK’s bodyguard Ravi who keep him safe and sound from all the ladies swooning over him and takes home 2.5 crores in a year for the same!

3- Aamir Khan – Yuvraj Ghorpade

His perfection certainly needs to be secured and Aamir’s bodygaurd does that very well! He gets an annual package of Rs 2 crore.

4- Deepika Padukone – Jalal

Deepika truly adores Jalal for keeping her safe and even considers him as a Rakhi brother. Jalal fulfills his duty well for which he gets Rs 80 lakh annually.

5- Amitabh Bachchan – Jitendra Shinde

Big B has a long trail of fans following him every where and that certainly calls for very tight security around him. Jitendra Shinde is the man responsible for it and he takes home a swanky package of 1.5 crore annually for doing the same.

6- Akshay Kumar – Shreysay Thele

Well with his martial arts skills he is more than equipped to tackle a crowd but yet his bodyguard Shreysay is pretty fabulous at keeping Khiladi Kumar safe and sound. He gets a whopping 1.2 crore annually.


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