Bollywood Celebs Anurag & Vir Das condemns Modi Decision of 21 Days Lockdown

Bollywood Celebs Anurag & Vir Das condemns Modi Decision of 21 Days Lockdown

Coronavirus Pandemic: Vir Das & Anurag Kashyap Have Doubts & Suggestions For PM Modi Post His 21 Days Lockdown Announcement

When we all are the riders of the same boat , it’s amid Corona-virus that has made everyone be at home and have that time with family . It was then , after 22nd March that PM Narendra Modi , announced at lockdown for the entire nation for 21 days starting from the midnight 12 . It did create a havoc among people and they actually started panic buying , again creating a mass gathering in the stores and nearby places.

Many people were not convinced by the sudden action taken by PM . Comedian-actor Vir Das and director Anurag Kashyap were a part of the same.

Vir Das took to his Twitter handle and gave his suggestion to PM to change his speechwriter. Vir in his tweet appreciated the move while calling it bold, but called out speech as panicking and said that it should have been clear and straight.

He wrote, “This is a brave bold decision and I support and applaud our PM. Not his speech writer. The fact that people are panicking in response to a speech, means it didn’t go as planned. This is the second time that’s happened. Make the speeches clear and detailed.”

Let’s have a look at his tweet:

On the other hand , Anurag asked the PM why he chooses 8 in the night always to make the announcements leaving just a 4-hour window to prepare. Rather he can make such announcements in the day or a bit early with a reasonable window for the people to prepare.

He wrote, “8 बजे रात के बजाए सुबह आठ बजे बोल देते । चार बजे भी बोल देते तो इंतज़ाम कर लेते । हमेशा आठ बजे ही बोलते हैं और समय देते हैं चार घंटे का । उनका क्या जो पैदल घर को निकले हैं शहर छोड़ के , क्योंकि बस या ट्रेन नहीं चल रही ? अब कहें तो कहें क्या । ठीक है प्रभु।“

Watch his tweet below:

Netizens Gets Back to Work of Trolling Anurag Kashyap –

The entire nation is following the rule of lock-down at staying at home and those who are not following the protocol , strict actions are being taken against them by the government.


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