Bollywood Stars Who Regretted Doing Their Own Film

Bollywood Stars Who Regretted Doing Their Own Film

Whenever bollywood stars make their movie they think it will be block buster but it doesn’t happen always. Some movies are hilarious of super stars. And these movies degrade the value of the stars. There are some actors who regret about the movie why they did do

Shaihid Kapoor( Shandaar)


Shahid Kapoor regrets to do the movie. He admits that he should not do such a movie. He blame to the team and script of the movie. So his comments can express that he is not happy after doing this movie.

Amitabh Bachachan

It is the incident of that time when there was a down fall in his career life and he did the movie Aag during that time but that movie was fall down on the floor. He blame for this movie to himself and director.

Ajay Devgan

Rascals and Himmatwala was the worst movie in his career, even he performed well but the movie was flopped. He said that he never saw this disaster movie when he got to know that this movie is worst.

Katrina Kaif

Boom was her first movie. As everyone knows that debut movie is the important platform for the filmy career but this movie was flop. Katrina always try to ignore the question when she has been asked about her debut movie.


Govinda did the movie Kill/ vill on which he is regret too much. In this movie he has to play the negative role for which he was not ready. But to give the kick to his career he has to accept the offer. He performed well but movie was flop.

Aamir Khan

As we know he is perfectionist in his work but he did the movie Mela which was flopped. We can’t expect such a movie from him. This movie was expected to be hit but it was flop.

Saif Ali Khan

Some time even actors want to remove such movie from their career. And audience regrets to spend money on these types of movie. Even Saif want to ignore to see that.

Rahul Bose

After seeing his movie he was regret due to his wrong choice. I guess it was his worst movie. This movie his opposite cast was Mallika Shirawat. It was really a bad decision.