Breaking Barriers, Rani Kiran Becomes India’s First Transgender Five-Star Rated Cab Driver

Breaking Barriers, Rani Kiran Becomes India’s First Transgender Five-Star Rated Cab Driver

Our society is progressing bit by bit. Wonder what makes us say this? Well, transgender Rani Kinnar has become India’s first five-star-rated cab driver for Uber. 

Transgenders in our country haven’t found much acceptance with bare minimum employment opportunities. Considering this, to see something progressive like this happen brings us hope.

Belonging to the transgender community and struggling to make their existence count has been a never-ending identity crisis. Life wasn’t any different for Rani. 

Initially, she used to beg in the trains to make a living and later became an auto-rickshaw driver. But clearly, Rani didn’t intend to do it for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, she didn’t receive much support and acceptance from society.

In conversation with a news agency, Rani said: “I started driving autos in 2016, but it didn’t work for me because people didn’t use my auto. But in 2017, I opted to drive an ambulance during the Ratha Yatra in Puri.”

Let the Video about Rani Kinnar do the Talking!

It was then when she decided to be a cab driver and later purchased her own car with much difficulty. She was introduced to cab driving by an ex-Uber employee who motivated her to join as a partner driver. 

Snehashree Kinnar, another member of the trans community in Odisha who feels inspired by Rani said: “By seeing Rani ma’am, I have become her follower and want to become a driver myself. As you see people, especially girls, feel safe with us while they are travelling during late hours in comparison to male drivers who seem risky.”

We are glad that society is finally paying heed to the efforts taken by transgenders and helping them create their own identity and provide them with a world that doesn’t ridicule them. 


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