Brother posing as Client meets 27 YO sister in Delhi brothel, helps in Her rescue

Brother posing as Client meets 27 YO sister in Delhi brothel, helps in Her rescue

The ordeal of a 27-year-old woman who was trafficked into flesh trade came to an end after she sought help from a most unusual corner, a sympathetic client.

The client called the woman’s brother, who too met his sister in the brothel by posing as a customer. 
“Once the woman’s brother had verified the information, he approached the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) who contacted us. We raided the brothel on Thursday and rescued the woman,” Mandeep Singh Randhawa, deputy commissioner of police (central district), said.

Originally from West Bengal, the woman was lured to Delhi on the pretext of a better job and sold to a brothel on Delhi’s infamous red-light area, GB Road by a middleman. She was rescued on Thursday as the result of a coordinated effort by Delhi Police and the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW).

The woman worked with a private firm in Kolkata until June of this year when she became friends with another female who reportedly lured her to Delhi on the pretext of a better job. However, the woman introduced her to a Delhi-based man who allegedly sold her to a brothel on Delhi’s GB Road.

In her statement to the police, the victim claimed that the brothel manager seized her cell phone and restricted her movement.

“The woman was not allowed to leave the brothel and had no access to a cellphone, because of which she couldn’t escape,” another senior police officer said.

However, her prayers were answered earlier this week when she was visited by an unusual customer. A Bengali by origin, the man felt sympathetic after hearing the victim’s ordeal and decided to help her.

“When the man initiated a conversation with her, she revealed her ordeal. He offered to help her and took her brother’s cellphone number from her,” said the officer.

He took her brother’s mobile number and contacted him. According to a report, the woman’s brother had registered a missing person complaint with Kolkata Police on June 10, two days after her disappearance. He had been searching for her ever since.

Once he was contacted by the customer, the victim’s brother arrived in Delhi and visited the brothel on GB Road in order to confirm the man’s claims. Once he found his sister confined to the establishment, the brother approached DCW.

Deputy commissioner of police (central district), Mandeep Singh Randhawa said that they raided the brothel after being alerted by the DCW. He added that a case of rape and trafficking has been registered against the manager of the brothel at the Kamla Market police station. He has been placed under arrest pending further investigation.

In a statement issued on Friday, DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal demanded that the police also arrest the middlemen and women who lured and sold the victim into flesh trade. She echoed her call to shut down the brothels on Delhi’s GB Road area.

There is a need to rehabilitate the women in these brothels as they are victims of trafficking, said Maliwal who vowed to shut down the red-light area by 2021.


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