Centre Rejects Delhi Government’s ‘Free Metro Rides For Women’ Proposal

Centre Rejects Delhi Government’s ‘Free Metro Rides For Women’ Proposal

Focus rejects Delhi Government’s supplication for making Metro travel a ‘free ride’ sop for ladies workers.

Prior this June, Delhi Government had proposed a bill that expressed free travel for ladies in Metro trains which got a blended reaction from everywhere throughout the city. While some remained in the support, others saw the escape clauses of the proposition. All things considered, this isn’t the first run through the city has seen a tussle between the Center and the State!

The most recent revelation opposite the bill is that it has been dismissed by the Central Government, which implies that there will be no free rides for the ladies workers. This choice may have been taken considering the way that DMRC is as of now under overwhelming credits and has been confronting a money related weight since long. Being the life saver of the city, it can’t stand to lose the track (actually) as it provides food around 40 lakh travelers once a day!

However, the Central and State Government both have an equivalent stake in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), we wonder if this officially easily proven wrong issue is put to rest with a common understanding soon.


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