Chinese Man Scratching A Brand New BMW To Force His Dad To Buy It For Him Is The Hero We Need

Chinese Man Scratching A Brand New BMW To Force His Dad To Buy It For Him Is The Hero We Need

At some point, we’ve all thrown tantrums as kids. Whether it was being hellbent on getting your parents to buy you that Barbie or that He-Man, we’ve all been guilty of having embarrassed our parents publicly at least once. 

But while most of us grew out of that phase, this 22-year-old man in China with a new driver’s licence apparently didn’t. What he wanted was for his dad to buy him a BMW.

The incident reportedly took place in China’s Jiangxi region where a young man at a BMW showroom wanted to buy a luxury model. His eyes were set on a big blue BMW sedan the moment he stepped into the showroom. It was either that car or nothing. It was reported that after he spotted the car, he called his father who supposedly rejected his demand.

An onlooker said that the man seemed angry while talking on the phone. Soon after the call ended, the man quietly put a scratch on the car’s rear door with his key which was caught in the CCTV camera. 

Apparently, he thought damaging the car will allow him to keep the vehicle. But instead, it ended up getting him in trouble with the Chinese police.

The security camera at the showroom recorded the man scratching the car’s rear passenger door with a key that he was holding and that’s when the staff took the matter to the cops.

When the police arrived at the showroom, the man refused any wrongdoing but on being questioned insistently, he gave in. The ‘big baby’ said that his father had promised to buy him a car after he got his driving license but refused later. Thus, after a heated discussion with his father, the man decided to put a scratch on the car in order to force his father into buying him the vehicle. 

However, it is not yet known whether his father bought him the car or not but the man is in some serious trouble with the police. He was criticised for the act after the incident went viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo with thousands mocking his imbecile actions. 


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