Class 4 Boy Creates Paytm Account In His Father’s Name, Steals ₹35,000 In A Span Of 1 Year

Class 4 Boy Creates Paytm Account In His Father’s Name, Steals ₹35,000 In A Span Of 1 Year

What was the craziest thing you did when you were in class 4? Most of us either got into a catfight with a classmate or cried in front of our parents for a video game to the worst! But today’s kids think ahead!

A fourth-standard student from Lucknow was fond of playing online games. But many such games on the internet are paid which require online payment. So he created a Paytm (an online payment application) account using his father’s name and added his bank account details to make payments for online games.

He, reportedly, used to transfer a small amount from his dad’s bank account to the Paytm wallet and purchase online games. He used to repeat the process whenever the wallet balance went low.

He began doing this in December 2018 and had stolen Rs.35,000 from his father’s bank account within a year.

Initially, the father of the kid failed to notice as the transactions were minimal. But as the transactions increased, he took out a bank statement and spotted discrepancies. Suspecting a cyber fraud, he reported the matter to the police.

After investigation, the cops found out that the Paytm account to which the money was transferred was registered under the same mobile number that was linked to the father’s bank account.

The kid then admitted to having made all the transactions. He was scared to confess it before his parents as he thought he would be punished. The cops and cyber cell counseled the boy and, later on, sent him home.

Online game addiction is actually taking over people’s lives. Moreover, kids turning to such inappropriate measures to fulfill their demands is scary!


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