Cow Gives More Milk If Flute Is Played In Lord Krishna Style, Says Assam BJP Leader

Cow Gives More Milk If Flute Is Played In Lord Krishna Style, Says Assam BJP Leader

As its a fact that cow is worshiped in India .Also it gives milk ,used for nourishment of every human as well as animals.

Assam BJP leader Dilip Kumar Paul has asserted that cows give more milk when a flute is played. Speaking at an event in Silchar he said that the amount of milk increases “multiple times” when the flute is played in “a special tune which Lord Krishna used to do,” The Indian Express reported.

“It has been proven by modern scientists that if we can play the flute in a special tune, which Lord Krishna used to do, the amount of milk increases multiple times,” Paul said,

This was the science of ancient times and we are going to bring this technique back to modern times.” he further added.

Even few researches of the year 2013-14 have advised that playing classical music or Rap music in the cowshed has a positive impact on milk production. Scientists believe that soothing music helps cows to relax and thus helps in the release of oxytocin the hormone is central to the milking process.

Well there are many other theories of relativity with cows .Related to it many jargon are in air which can be seen below:

In 2017,former Rajasthan education minister Vasudev Devnani had asserted that ‘cows breathe in and breathe out oxygen’. He said that cow is an animal with “scientific significance”, being the only of its kind to have this ability.

This was recently repeated by Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that cow is the only animal that inhales and exhales oxygen and added that by giving a massage to gau mata, people can be cured of their breathing problems.

“Cow dung and cow urine are also extremely good for the entire body, including the heart and kidney. One can be cured of TB if he/she is near a cow. Our scientists are now certifying these facts,” he further said. 

Next is BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya ,who during the election campaign told a TV channel that cow has a tendency to cure high blood pressure. She also claimed that her cancer was cured by consuming a mix of five different cow products.

Another unscientific claim made by many is that cow dung of rare species cows can absorb alpha, beta and gamma rays. There is also another claim, which is making rounds about the presence of gold in cow urine, but this is yet to be justified.


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