Crazy Half naked Mum caught spraying her Breast Milk in a Festival,Watch Video

Crazy Half naked Mum caught spraying her Breast Milk in a Festival,Watch Video

And I don’t care how many drugs you’ve done there’s absolutely no excusing this.

Brace yourselves – this is the truly bizarre moment a woman whipped out her boobs and started spraying fellow dancers with her breast milk. It’s like a super-soaker.

The outrageous moment was filmed last month at an EDM rave in southern California, US.

Dressed in a black leotard, cap, sunglasses and red heeled boots, the woman pulls down the sides of her outfit to reveal her breast, before she starts squirting milk while she dances.

One reveller can be heard shouting in the background: ‘Oh S**t!’, as another yells: ‘Jesus Christ, oh my God!’ Another female raver at Dirtybird Campout shouted out “how is she doing that?”

One woman even bends down and opens her mouth to get a load of it!

The strange video was captured by festival-goer Eric Falconi, who had thought he had “seen it all” at a rave. After being uploaded to Twitter, the shot clip rapidly gained more than 10.2million views.

One user commented: “I assume she just had a baby and that milk is being dispensed to the public instead of her child.”

Another said: “Yooooo breast milk is like f***ing gold and she’s just squirting out like it’s water?”

One wrote: “Okay but how does she produce so much milk?”

A user defended the woman, writing: “[I don’t know] why people make a big deal over breast milk.”

An EDM events account replied saying: “The breast milk is not a big deal, her squirting it like a super soaker is.”

I’m never going to a festival again.


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