Dabboo Ratnani Reacts For the First Time to the Trolls of Kiara Advani for her Topless Photoshoot

Dabboo Ratnani Reacts For the First Time to the Trolls of Kiara Advani for her Topless Photoshoot

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After the launch of this year’s calendar of Dabboo Ratnani , it’s been a wonderful one . On one hand the ace photographer got so much appreciation for his amazing work and the supportive actors and actresses who were linked to his photo-shoot , on the other hand netizens trolled the celebs who gave a top-less shot for his photo-shoot .

Expected This Reaction for Kiara Advani and Bhumi Pednekar's Calendar Shoot, Says Dabboo Ratnani

We guess Dabboo was already aware of these type of reactions . In an interview with News 18 he said: “Since the beginning we expected people to react this way to Bhumi and Kiara’s shots. People are not used to seeing them this way. Nobody could imagine Bhumi or Kiara posing like that. The whole idea was to let people know that they can look this way too and pull it off brilliantly,”

Kiara Advani, Bhumi Pednekar in Dabboo Rantnani's calendar

Their pictures are very sensuous and sexy but they are not in your face. There is a lot left for imagination and I guess that made people talk about it more. I personally think they are great shots and they are looking stunning. The pictures are not vulgar and very aesthetically done” he said.

Upon being asked, how Dabboo managed to get the right aesthetics, he had a very simple answer — experience and trust.

He also added: “The vision and the angle matters a lot. Also, how you instruct an actor about the pose and the lightening used makes a huge difference. I have been doing this for so many years and have a chemistry with the actors. They trust me completely and it shows in the pictures,” .

Dabboo elaborated that before shooting for the calendar, he, his wife and their team sit down together to brainstorm and jot down four to five concepts for each of the actors they want to feature in the calendar. They send out those ideas to the actors and work upon one concept that excites their ‘muse’ the most.

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It is one of the reasons why each one of his pictures has a different premise, instead of a singular theme for the entire calendar. For instance, Ananya Panday in this year’s calendar has a rather sporty look, compared to Abhishek Bachchan’s shot, which has a very retro vibe to it. Likewise, in Saif Ali Khan’s portrait, he holds a boyish charm in his red sneakers and for John Abraham, Dabboo recreated actor’s famous “Dostana” pose.

“My main focus in the calendar has always been the actor and photography. I don’t choose a theme because it’s like a restriction where I have to fit everything according to it. I try to make the actors do something they are not doing day in and out and are excited about.”

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“Because the calendar is not a commercial thing, there’s nobody to tell us what and how to do a certain thing, so we can use our creative liberty, experiment and project things in a way we have never seen before. And when I get such positive response from the actors and audience, the hard work pays off,” he concluded.


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