Danish Govt Buys 4 Elephants From Circuses For ₹11 Cr To Let Them Peacefully Retire!

Danish Govt Buys 4 Elephants From Circuses For ₹11 Cr To Let Them Peacefully Retire!

In a bid to stop cruelty against animals in the entertainment industry, the Denmark government recently bought four elephants from circus companies so that they could retire. The government reportedly paid 11 million kroner ($1.6 million) for the elephants. The move comes months before the country is expected to pass a total ban on wild animals in circuses under its new anti-cruelty law.

Ramboline, Lara, Djunga and Jenny are the lucky four elephants, who will now be spending time, not under gruesome training and abuse, but amid love and care.

The ministry said Saturday there were no immediate plans as to where to put them, but applicants willing to take the mammals should offer a timely takeover and proper welfare. In the meantime, Animal Protection Denmark would ensure their welfare until then. The Animal Protection Denmark, will care for the gentle beasts until the government finds a capable facility.

“The elephants will be sent to the establishment that can offer them the highest level of well-being,” The Local quoted the ministry as saying.

The ministry will soon start an application process to choose a zoo which can house the elephants free of charge. One of the places in contention is the 440-hectare Knuthenborg Safaripark which promises the elephants a happy and peaceful retirement.

Earlier this year, the United Kingdom too announced a similar ban on travelling circuses using wild animals.

Apart from government, some circuses themselves are also taking steps towards anti-cruelty. For example, a circus in Germany named ‘Circus Roncalli’, has replaced real animals in its shows with 3D holograms! That sounds pretty cool!!


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