Dark Secrets Of Bigg Boss House That Bigg Boss Doesn’t Want Fans To Know

Dark Secrets Of Bigg Boss House That Bigg Boss Doesn’t Want Fans To Know

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One of the most awaited reality show being telecast on Colors channel is Bigg Boss , which entertains it’s viewers with lots of spice and melo- dramatic situations.

But have ever heard about some of the things which are secret to the viewers . These are not disclosed in any ways

Let’s see them :

#1 Bringing up controversial couples

It’s been the trend of the BB house to invite the controversial couples to the house to raise the TRP of their show . It’s a tricky part but nonetheless it keeps viewers stick to it .These couples can be fake too . In last season Jasleen Matharu and Anoop Jalota were invited to the show, later it was revealed that they did it for the show.

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# 2Cleaning staff in the house

You must be thinking that the house mates cleans the house on daily basis but you are not aware of the fact that a cleaning staff is sent to the house weekly to clean house in the proper manner. House mates clean the house as the part of their task.

# 3 Mirrors everywhere

Have you noticed that there are mirrors in most of the locations . The reason behind is , these are see-through mirrors and cameramen are always there to record each and everything that the contestants are doing, even during the night.

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# 4 Getting intimate

You must have seen many a times that the couples are getting too cozy . Let us make you aware that all places do not have cameras for which the couples take advantage and have their personal time .

# 5 Inviting Adult Stars

Bigg Boss invites stars like Sunny Leone and Pamela Anderson to have a hike in the TRP of the show . Audience is always waiting for some spice up content which in-turn gives benefit to the show.

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So , which is your favorite season of Bigg Boss ?


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