Delhi Is The 3rd ‘Highest’ Consumer Of Weed In The World, Mumbai At #6: Study

Delhi Is The 3rd ‘Highest’ Consumer Of Weed In The World, Mumbai At #6: Study

Delhiites consumed 38.3 tons of weed, the third highest for any city in the world, according to a study. Mumbaikars too were not far behind, as the city consumed 32.4 tons of cannabis and was ranked sixth among 120 cities for which the data was available. New York topped the chart with consumption of 77.4 tons while Karachi came second with 42 tons.

The study was done by ABCD, a data-driven media campaign outlet based in Germany that seeks to push for legalising cannabis. ABCD also creates the Cannabis Price Index to find that locations around the world are ready to embrace cannabis legalisation. With New York, LA and Chicago featured in the top ten list, the US has three cities with high consumption, the only country with so many cities in the top ten.

Besides the two Indian cities and Karachi, the other four are Cairo, London, Moscow and Toronto in that order. These are cities where cannabis consumption is not legalised. Though Toronto legalised it earlier this year.

Interestingly, Amsterdam the city that would be mentioned in probably every weed lover’s bucket list, is ranked 56th with an annual consumption of 3.6 tons of cannabis, barely a tenth of what Delhi consumed.

The study has also listed the average price of cannabis in these cities. Not surprisingly, both Indian cities are among the world’s cheapest when it comes to buying this high. The price was $4.38 per gram (INR 315) in Delhi and $4.57 per gram (INR 328) in Mumbai, the world’s 10th and 11th cheapest rates, respectively. The drug was most expensive in Tokyo where one had to pay $32.66 (INR 2,348) for every gram. 

What if the drug were legalised and taxed? Delhi could raise $101.2 million (Rs 725 crore at today’s exchange rate) if the tax rate of the most widely sold cigarettes brand were applied on this drug. The corresponding figure would be $89.38 (Rs 641 cr) for Mumbai. If the average US tax rate on marijuana tax were applied, Delhi would raise Rs 225 cr and Mumbai Rs 199 cr, the study concluded.


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