Delhi Metro Has Modified Its Old Tracks In Order To Save 13,000 Trees

Delhi Metro Has Modified Its Old Tracks In Order To Save 13,000 Trees

With the concern of the plantation as anti- tode of the global warming ,Indian government started taking actions towards the restoration of the nature.

Everybody is well aware of the Mumbai’s most recent action of axing 1500 Aarey trees for the metro project in Mumbai.

You will be happy to hear that DMRC decided to modify their tracks of
the metro lines which were extended to other parts of the city. This important decision was taken in order to save the trees which are apporx. 13000 in number.

Initially, the Delhi Metro faced various hurdles when it was building the extensive 377 km track, and then even more with the extension of routes. The problem wasn’t resolved until the completion of the Phase 3 project, in fact, DMRC didn’t only face the issue of cutting trees, but also had to avoid coming too close to the monuments which might cause damage to them. 

DMRC cut nearly43,000 trees (instead of 56,307 trees) it had originally planned and that moved saved around 13,000 trees. They also planted about 5.3 lakhs saplings, compensating for the same. The metro lines that pass through Agrasen Ki Baoli, Feroz Shah Kotla, Jantar Mantar, Khooni Darwaza and others were also modified by aligning the surrounding dug-up area so that no harm would be caused to the heritage sites. 

It’s a great gesture of the authority that taken necessary steps to conserve the natural beauty .


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