Delhi’s Middle-Aged Woman Apologized: After Urging Men To Rape Women In Short Dresses

Delhi’s Middle-Aged Woman Apologized: After Urging Men To Rape Women In Short Dresses

Prior this week a video has turned into a web sensation on the online networking where a moderately aged lady was on a rage of good policing and prostitute disgracing a gathering of young ladies for wearing short dresses. The lady even purportedly asked seven men in the eatery to assault the gathering of seven young ladies due to the length of their dress the occurrence occurred in Gurgaon.

Later Shivani and her companions pursued the moderately aged lady from the café to an adjacent shopping complex looking for an expression of remorse. Be that as it may, the lady was inflexible and denied to apologizes and said, “You’re recording no? Hello guys, these women want to wear short to shorter dresses to urge all the men to see them. All these women wear short dresses or get naked to be raped.”

Amid the contention between the moderately aged aunt and Shivani, she was heard saying, “These ladies wear short to short dress to encourage the men to see them. All the ladies wear a short dress or naked to get raped. If you are the parents, please please control your girls .” as she was recording the entire occurrence.

Shivani Gupta transferred the video on Facebook and Instagram which turned into a web sensation in seconds reason for the sickening attitude of the moderately aged woman. The video was flowed with more than 20,000 offers and ladies wound up subject to online networking trolling.

In the wake of being severely trolled via web-based networking media, the moderately aged lady at last understood that her announcement wasn’t right. She posted a statement of regret on Facebook :

In our nation decisions and whore disgracing remarks are passed on the ladies, by the ladies of the general public more than the men do. This episode sets a model that how debilitated the attitude of the general public is the place what a lady wears portrays she ought to be assaulted or not!


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