Dhawan’s wife Ayesha reveals the reasons why she always wears cap, You’ll be surprised

Dhawan’s wife Ayesha reveals the reasons why she always wears cap, You’ll be surprised

Like Team India’s touchy opening batsmen Shikhar Dhawan, his better half Ayesha Dhawan is additionally dynamic via web-based networking media. Dhawan’s fans are extremely amped up for his way of life, however there is an alternate perspective of the way of life of Ayesha’s fans.

Ayesha dependably wear the tops and her top brings up numerous issues in the brain of the fans. In the meantime, Ayesha was asked ordinarily in her meetings for what good reason she generally wears the tops. Ayesha, finaly answered and uncovered the reason via web-based networking media.

Ayesha, composed, Many individuals ask me for what valid reason I am dependably in my preparation equip or dependably wear a top. I’ll at long last answer (lol). I don’t sit around idly on superfluous reasoning or basic leadership I just put my exertion into what I think about need or significance in my life or even down to an everyday level.

I like wellness so I prepare each and every day and in the wake of preparing I am with my family and developing my home which incorporates having suppers as a family, me doing my very own home work, cooking cleaning, taking children to class, doing exercises, taking a shot at my business, taking care of children, playing with children, making my recordings for my YouTube channel and so forth.

Ayesha furture expressed, “So for me I don’t sit around idly in sprucing up or settling my hair. That time is inefficient for me. I rather do what is required for my day and my own life to be beneficial.

I make my all consuming purpose for me as a parent and as a business visionary by picking where I contribute my chance and my exertion. I NEVER feel OVERWHELMED because of this reason. I mean by the day’s end there is just 24 hours that every individual gets thus I make it work for me.

It’s worth to tell that Dhawan’s better half Ayesha goes frequently to see the Indian group’s matches. Amid this time she likewise shares photographs and recordings via web-based networking media. She has shared numerous photographs with Dhawan amid the matches.



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