Did Pak Cricket Fans Say ‘We Don’t Want Kashmir, Give Us Virat Kohli’ After World Cup Loss to India?

Did Pak Cricket Fans Say ‘We Don’t Want Kashmir, Give Us Virat Kohli’ After World Cup Loss to India?

An India Pakistan cricket match isn’t just about the game as the challenge is distorted by the huge weight, political strains emerging out of the Kashmir struggle and the war talk in the two countries.

Fans are more inspired by the boasting rights than the focuses, and this was reflected in the assault of responses and images that India’s decimation of the Pakistani group on Sunday started.

Be that as it may, in the midst of all the Father’s Day jokes, there has additionally been a push to transform the success into a purposeful publicity exertion, as was seen with the tweet of one Ibn Sina, which has circulated around the web.

The tweet demonstrates an image of a few youth, with Pakistan banners, holding a standard that understands: “WE DON’T WANT KASHMIR GIVE US VIRAT KOHLI.”

The individual who presented this picture asserts on be a Kashmiri Muslim “yet at the very least a Hindu”. “My religion is Islam yet my way of life is Hinduism,” the bio peruses.

Before long, the phony news processing plant seized the opportunity and inferred that Pakistan fans are requesting Virat Kohli in return for Kashmir. Indeed, you read that right.

The photograph was additionally retweeted by a few conservative records, including essayist Madhu Kishwar, who stated: “At one time Pakistanis used to recite, “Madhuri de do, POK bhi le lo”. New desire, new dissatisfactions.”

Genuine or Fake?

The image being referred to has been doctored to incorporate the words “WE DON’T WANT KASHMIR GIVE US VIRAT KOHLI”.

A turn around picture search demonstrates that it initially has a place with an India Today article of August 2016 on Kashmiri youth bringing genius Pakistan mottos up in the Kashmir Valley, following Hizbul Mujahideen authority Burhan Wani’s passing.

The first picture indicates Kashmiri youth remaining with a pennant which understands “WE WANT AZAADI”.

The first picture in India Today article from 2016.

The viral photoshop picture has been circling via web-based networking media before likewise as clear by this 2018 tweet with the equivalent photoshopped picture.

This flag has been messed with to incorporate the names of various competitions, cricketers like Hardik Pandya and MS Dhoni and even the UPA before.


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