Did You Know? These 5 Celebs were Shown ‘EXIT’ Gate During the Audition in Reality Shows

Did You Know? These 5 Celebs were Shown ‘EXIT’ Gate During the Audition in Reality Shows

Everyone has to start somewhere, and that’s especially true for Bollywood hopefuls trying to break into show business. The cutthroat process of auditioning means facing tons of rejection. Before they were famous, even A-list celebrities suffered this brutal experience.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as an actor not being right for the role. Other times, it’s a bad audition turned casting nightmare. No matter the reason, these famous actors all had their dreams squashed after getting rejected.

However, there are few celebrities who paved their way to success after facing rejection in reality shows. Have a look:

Sanya Malhotra

The Dangal Actress, Sanya Malhotra’s performance was praised both by the critics and the audiences alike. The actress apart from being a terrific actor is also an amazing dancer who got rejected by dance reality show Dance India Dance. Sanya in an interview recalled that despite making it to top 100 she was finally evicted because her background story was not strong enough.

Rajkummar Rao

Rajkumar Rao has wowed every citizen of the country with his performances. But did you know way before making it big in Bollywood Rajkumar went to the audition of Boogie Woogie which was back then a television sensation. The actor revealed that he wished to become a dancer but sadly he got rejected but now he is thankful that he didn’t get selected as he found a better career option. 

Kapil Sharma

TV’s sensation and ace comedian Kapil Sharma has often put his singing talent on display. Much before making it big in comedy, he gave audition for Indian Idol where he eventually got rejected. Interestingly, he turned up on the show as a guest.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Versatile actor Ayushmann Khurrana who proved his prowess with movies like Badhaai Ho and Andhadun always wanted to become an actor. But before becoming a VJ he got rejected on a reality show India’s Cinestar Ki Khooj, after which he became a part of Roadies season 2.

Raghu Ram

We all have witnessed Raghu Ram giving tough time to the contestants at the Roadies audition. We might have never imagined him facing rejection in his life. But to our surprise, he too was rejected back in 2004 for the audition he gave for Indian Idol 1 by Anu Malik, Sonu Nigam and Farah Khan.


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