Diners Gift A Car To Waitress Who Used To Walk 22 Kms A Day To Work

Diners Gift A Car To Waitress Who Used To Walk 22 Kms A Day To Work

There is still good in the world and this is evident in the touching story of a waitress named Adrianna Edwards, who found her guardian angel in a kind-hearted couple just recently.

Adriana Edwards, who works at a Denny’s in Galveston, Texas, was used to walking 14 miles in total to and from work each day, making her commute about four hours on foot.

But a generous couple changed that when they bought her a car after finding out about her miles-long commute.

According to reports, Edwards resumed her job as normal on a particular day when a couple walked into her restaurant to be served. After attending to the couple, Edwards got to share a bit of her story in which she revealed that she walks 14 miles daily to work.

When their meal was over, the couple left — but only to return shortly after with a white 2011 Nissan Sentra, telling Edwards it was hers. They had purchased the car from Classic Galveston Auto Group on Broadway Street. 

Interestingly, the couple chose to be anonymous and didn’t seek anything in return. All they asked Edwards is to pay it forward by helping another person in need when she is able to.

“She teared up, which made me happy that she was so moved by that,” the woman who bought the car told a news agency. “I know it’s Thanksgiving, but I said Merry Christmas and that hopefully someday she’ll pay it forward,” she added.

“When I see somebody in need, I’ll probably be more likely to help them out and to do everything that I can to help them out. I just hope that one day when I’m financially stable enough, I can help somebody else in need,” Edwards said, making clear her intent to make good on the couple’s wish.

Edwards who was already saving for a car was excited and shocked at the same time. She vowed to pay it forward and expressed gladness that she would be able to attend college quicker than she imagined.

“I still feel like I’m dreaming,” she said.

Edwards’ commute to work will now be cut down from nearly four hours to about 30 minutes, and she hopes to spend her newly-acquired free time preparing for college.


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