Director Ahmed Khan Criticizes all the Trolls & Memes on ‘Baaghi 3’ and He has a Valid Point

Director Ahmed Khan Criticizes all the Trolls & Memes on ‘Baaghi 3’ and He has a Valid Point

All the curious minds who were actually looking forward to watch the action -pact sequel of movie Baaghi , ‘Baaghi 3 ‘ are disappointed as unfortunately , it did not impress the audience as it was expected to be a superhit .

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As it is always shown that Tiger has been the one man army to handle all his enemies but this time it was hard to digest for the audience and the critics too.

The ‘helicopter sequence‘ was in particular over the performance and quite far-fetched and didn’t approve of how Tiger was just running things on his own and actually succeeding. 

Director Ahmed Khan has taken offence to all the negative reviews that the film has been garnering.

When Khan was questioned by the Times Of India about the criticism that his film received, he shrugged off all the hate saying that everyone is entitled to their own perspective.

He quoted : I have nothing to say to such people. Everyone has their thought process. For example, if five people are staying in one house then they won’t do the same thing at the same time. They all have their own mindset, so, here, we are talking about an entire nation. What matters is what film are you going to make and if the audience is coming to watch your film or no. So one has to realize that we filmmakers don’t do things for ourselves, we do it for the audience. There’s one place to talk about sensible cinema and one to talk about commercial cinema,” .  

He cited the example of the Fast & Furious franchise and said, “Why don’t Indians appreciate Indian work? You see the latest trailer of Fast & Furious, then you may see a car hanging on the helicopter and what not and everyone is praising that. But when we try something new then they say ‘where’s the logic?”. 

let’s watch the trailer of Fast and Furious:

Khan further asserted that all the negative comments about Baaghi 3 have only made him stronger.He said : “These people, who are talking negatively about the film are only making us stronger. They really make me stronger and pushing me further to make more action films. I will create bigger action sequences for all my audience and not for those who keep talking on social media,”


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