Do You Remember ‘Taarzan: The Wonder Car’? This Is How It Looks Now After 16 Years

Do You Remember ‘Taarzan: The Wonder Car’? This Is How It Looks Now After 16 Years

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind upon hearing the word ‘Taarzan‘?

The sparkling blue car shown in the movie ‘Taarzan: The Wonder Car’. It was the dream car for many of us. Though the movie didn’t did well at the box office but the revenge seeking car with Ajay Devgn’s soul stole the show.

Do you know after the completion of the movie the car was supposed to go on the market? But sadly, it didn’t happen.

But the good news is that our favourite car is resurfaced. Excited??

A man named Vikram Aditya Shukla, made a revelation that on his way from college in the North of Mumbai on 15 November 2017, he saw the car in a garage. Unfortunately, the car is now just a mere shadow of what we saw in the movie. It is in a total pathetic condition.

As soon as he saw the car he stopped and took pictures of the car. He then shared the pictures in a closed Facebook group for techies called XDA Off Topic. However his post went viral and people started questioning about the whereabouts of the car, with some even offering to buy it.

According to Vikram the car makers tried to sold it for 2 crores which then gradually came down to 35 lakhs after six years. Later it bought for 2 lakhs by a ‘Bigshot’.

To restore its former glory, the current owner of the car has given it to the garage.

It’s really sad to see the car in such a pathetic condition. We wish that the car is soon restored to its former glory.


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