Drought-Hit Telengana Farmer Went To Dubai To Find Work, Won Rs 28.5 Crore Lottery Instead!

Drought-Hit Telengana Farmer Went To Dubai To Find Work, Won Rs 28.5 Crore Lottery Instead!

You’ve presumably known about the truism, dene wala jab bhi deta, deta chappar faad ke, isn’t that so? Some think it is sham, however it ended up being valid for a rancher who was at his monetary low.

Following an extreme dry spell in Telengana, a rancher went to Dubai in the expectation of discovering some work, however he wound up winning an astounding Rs 28.5 crore in the UAE’s Big Ticket Draw.

Vilas Rikkala, a rancher from Telengana had gone to Dubai in 2014 to get away from the impacts of serious dry spell that held the state. He secured pitiful positions there and functioned as a coolie and driver. It was just a month ago that he came back to his town, Nizamabad as his visa was going to lapse.

Before leaving Abu Dhabi, he connected for the month to month UAE’s Big Ticket Draw lottery. He set aside cash and with an assistance of a companion purchased a ticket for the lottery which allegedly cost Rs 20,000. He clearly trusted, similar to all lottery ticket purchasers that he would win a gigantic sum.

On Saturday, a companion of his gave him the uplifting news. Rikkala, blissful, too much, apparently stated, “Unbelievable. I did not expect it. We all are happy. I ran to my mother’s house to inform her and she too couldn’t believe her ears.”

“I am extremely happy at having won the lottery but even more happy that I will be able to fund the education of two daughters,” TOI cited him as saying.

I don’t think he needs to stress over profiting any longer using any and all means, he is set forever; might be a couple or two future ages as well on the off chance that they aren’t excessively unrestrained in their use.

Here we are pondering when will any of this transpire. What occurred for Rikkala’s situation just demonstrates that you can never say what’s on the horizon for you. One year he was a farmer in Telengana, most likely attempting to make a decent living, he goes to Dubai and returns a tycoon.

Notwithstanding, might be each individual who wins the lottery isn’t generally totally fortunate. A man from Detroit, a city in Michigan won a lottery of Rs 208.9 Crore however he was requested by the court to part it with his ex spouse!

His ex Mary Beth will get $15 million that her ex Rich Zelasko won. It was contended that since the couple had taken the choice of purchasing the lottery ticket together, it was conjugal property and subsequently the ex had a case to it. Well not all that fortunate after all huh?


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