‘Eating ant eggs for survival,’ says jobless farmer and Padma Shri awardee

‘Eating ant eggs for survival,’ says jobless farmer and Padma Shri awardee

Devastated inborn rancher Daitari Nayak who was granted the Padma Shri this year for burrowing a 3-km long channel through a mountain in Odisha needs to restore the honor saying it has demonstrated to be a barricade to bring home the bacon.

Nayak, a 75-year-old rancher of Talabaitarani town in mineral-rich Kenojhar area was granted the Padma Shri early this year after his endeavors of burrowing through the Gonasika mountains went to the fore. Outfitted with a scraper and a crowbar, Nayak burrowed through the moutainous streets somewhere in the range of 2010 and 2013 that brought about water system of 100 section of land in his general vicinity. Padma Shri is India’s fourth most elevated non military personnel grant.

Be that as it may, the respect that pursued appears to have pushed him to penury.Nayak said, “Padma Shri award did not help me in any way. Earlier I used to get work as a daily labourer. People are not giving me any work as they think it is below my dignity. We are now surviving by eating ant eggs. I am now selling tendu leaves and ‘amba sadha’ (mango papad) to run my house. The award has lost all value for me. I want to return the award so that I can get some work.”

Nayak said it was hard to run his enormous family with the small Rs 700 maturity annuity that he gets each month. The Indira Awas Yojana house he was assigned a few years back is lying inadequate driving him to remain in his old covered house. A baffled Nayak has now hung the Padma Shri award in his goatshed.

Nayak’s child Alekh who is likewise a worker said the guarantees made to his dad including development of a street and stop disintegration of the channel were not kept. He said, “We were promised by officials that the rocky canal would be made a concrete one. Nothing happened. My father is also frustrated that he is not able to do anything for the people such as getting clean drinking water.”

Congress representative Satya Prakash Nayak said the ancestral rancher’s situation has demonstrated how empty was the guarantee of Odisha government to ranchers. Nayak stated,  “Naveen Patnaik started Kalia scheme for farmers. But his administration cannot do anything for a farmer who dug up a canal for irrigation. This is pathetic.”

Keonjhar region gatherer Ashis Thakre said he would ask into the causes with respect to why Nayak needs to restore the honor. He stated, “We would address his grievance and try to persuade him against returning the award.”


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