Eliud Kipchoge Becomes First Athlete To Run Marathon In Under Two Hours

Eliud Kipchoge Becomes First Athlete To Run Marathon In Under Two Hours

The athelete from KenyaEliud Kipchoge has ran a marathon in an unbelievable span of 1hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds. as he accepted 1:59 Ineos Challenge in Vienna .He is the first athlete to run a sub-two-hour marathon -with a mind blowing 26.2 miles.

He did a fantastic job although it’s not an open competition,so he won’t bag a world record. Nonetheless ,he holds the current world record after he took on the Berlin Marathon and finished in 2:01:39.

This 34 YO athlete did his task efforlessly when compared to others on field.

Kipchoge said: “I am feeling good. After Roger Bannister in 1954 it took another 63 years, I tried and I did not get it – 65 years, I am the first man – I want to inspire many people, that no human is limited.

He further Added: “Absolutely remember the 41 pacemakers are among the best athletes ever in the world.”

“I can say thank you to them, I appreciate them for accepting and together we made history on this one.

“We can make this world a beautiful world and a peaceful world. My wife and three children, I am happy for them to come and witness history.

“The positively of sport, I want to make it a clean sport and an interesting sport.”

Earlier he missed out on the Ineos 1:59 Challenge in Monza in 2017 by just 26 seconds – so he got more curious and decided to go Vienna .

Speaking to the BBC before he took on the challenge, Kipchoge said: “That run in Berlin and this run in Vienna are two different things.

“Berlin was running and breaking a world record – Vienna is running and making history, like the first man to go to the moon.

“I am trying to stay as calm as possible.”he quoted.

Many congratulations to the champion..


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