Fans Are Mad With ‘Bigg Boss Ki Malkin’ Ameesha Patel & Want To Eliminate Her First From ‘BB 13’

Fans Are Mad With ‘Bigg Boss Ki Malkin’ Ameesha Patel & Want To Eliminate Her First From ‘BB 13’

Bigg Boss 13 kick-started on Sunday with a super entertaining premiere episode. It may have just one day since it was launched but fans have already decided which person they hate the most on the show. It’s not any of the contestants but ‘Maalkin’ Ameesha Patel.

Now, this is an extremely disappointing news for Ameesha Patel who is very happy to be the ‘Maalkin’ of the Bigg Boss house.

Ameesha has arrived in the house as the Malkin and would keep a check on the contestants through the season. She arrived inside the home on Monday with a special task in the afternoon and then again at night.

Twitter is campaigning against the actor, asking the producers to remove her from the show. Fans railed against her ‘overacting’ and frequent interruptions throughout the first episode. A lot of people on Twitter have bashed her for going overboard and have also called her annoying.

Ameesha has appeared twice in the house and made the housemates perform the task which has left the show lovers irritated and they expressed it on social media.

They are making hilarious memes on the Bollywood actress and are not happy with her presence on the controversial reality show.

Now it will be interesting to watch if the makers will remove Ameesha or try some new concept with her.

This time the concept of the show is unique as there will be the first finale within four weeks and the housemates are leaving no stone unturned to be in the show. The fights, arguments, and romance have already started and it will be interesting to watch who survives till the first finale.


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