Farah Khan Called ‘Nepali’ to Rajkummar Rao, Actor Gave Befitting Reply to Her

Farah Khan Called ‘Nepali’ to Rajkummar Rao, Actor Gave Befitting Reply to Her

People from the Indian Film Industry have again and again exposed the double standards of the glamorous world. It is often said that there are just a handful of people who can actually judge the newcomers according to their talent and skills.

Most of them still follow the old school ways of selecting new faces for their films as per their skin tone, looks, features and beauty. The industry has progressed a lot with time but there are still people who believe in that ‘Fair is Beauty’ concept.

It’s Rajkumar Rao this time who took on to this topic on a show with Filmmaker Farah Khan.

They participated together in a show called ‘Tape Cast’ for Film Companion where they had to discuss for a wide range of topics related to the B-Town from nepotism to rumours and double standards of the industry.

One of the questions asked to Rajkumar was how he dealt with the rejections initially because of his skin tone.

To this, the actor said, “ I did not use Fair and Lovely. I was very proud of my skin colour. I am an actor. I am not here to sell my fairness. I used to laugh actually. I found those people so ignorant and regressive. They are still stuck in the era- hero Matlab Gora Chitta 6 foot.”

He went on to reveal another truth that once he was rejected from a film in which he wanted to play the role of a Parsi. Farah intervened and said, “ But you have to look like a Parsi. No?.”

The Actor had a splendid answer to that. He replied to the filmmaker that Naseeruddin Shah had played a Parsi in ‘ Pestonjee’. Farah couldn’t take the allegations and said that Naseeruddin has a Parsi nose and behaves the same.

The firm reply from Rao was “ I can even look Parsi. Nah?”

The word war went long and Rao flaunted his knowledge about films by mentioning an example of Robert Downey Jr. who once played a role of African American In ‘ Tropic Thunder’. Farah used her wit than to ask “ Tereko Nepali ka role denge to?”.

Rajkumar again left Farah speechless by saying that Aamir has played a role of Nepali in a soft drink ad.

The entire conversation is in here:

Rao unveiled the double standard of B Town again and made it clear that an actor should have the freedom to become whatever the role requires. Rajkumar added to the much-needed revelation again!