Father Takes Loans to Build Cricket Ground, Daughter Repays By Earning India Cap!

Father Takes Loans to Build Cricket Ground, Daughter Repays By Earning India Cap!

She was rejected to enter in the cricket team just because she was a girl so her father decided to set a pitch for her and the sold his home. Adorable love between father and daughter and she paid by earning Indian cap.

The Indian women cricket team is a swash buckling batsman in its rank.

Priya Punia , 22 year old hail from Churu Rajhasthan, called Indian women T-20 squad touring New Zealand.

She says that she and her father struggled a lot. Her father sold his property just to acquire loan and purchased 1.5 bigha land which is situated out skirt of Jaipur just to make pitch for his daughter so that she can practice there. He prepared it with proper nets and set. So in such a way he supported his daughter to fulfill her dream to play for India.


He decided to make his own pitch after the bitter experience of her rejection when he transferred from Delhi to Jaipur as an employee of this survey of India in2016.

This mishappening happened when She was rejected by cricket time. She performed excellent performance in Delhi North Zone and a practice match against a visiting New Zealand side. She was expecting a call from India but she dint receive any call.

When her father saw that she is broke down he approached the ground man to set the pitch but he demanded 1 lakh rupees. So he decided to set the pitch by himself and kept Rs 15000 for her.

Priya was determined so she refused the opportunity from high rank BCCI that they will help her by finding the place in a team.

She decided to refuse this offer just because of that she doesn’t want she entered from the back door than she will opt to be remain out.

Though she had to adjust with the limited facility.  

Side by side she suffered from jaundice and three months before she had a fracture. But finally by her hard work she achieved her goal.