Filipina Woman Blocked Pakistani Lover Immediately after Receiving The Money, He Sent to Help Her!

Filipina Woman Blocked Pakistani Lover Immediately after Receiving The Money, He Sent to Help Her!

We can’t ignore the fact that a large percentage of women enjoy their boyfriend’s or husband’s spending money on them, and providing them with all sort of things they need. No wonder the term “gold digger” is popular these days. One such incident gained a lot of social media attention where a woman from Philippines blocked her Pakistani Lover immediately after receiving money from him.

Various dating apps and social media have helped a lot of people find their soulmates but there has also been notable cases of scam like this one. Social media gives us the power to connect with someone with no border limits. People from different parts of the world have started their love stories online, but you cannot predict the ending. Right?

People from Filipina are known to be very caring, loving and patient. It is said that a Filipino wife is the best partner one can desire of. But this woman has damaged the reputation of all Filipino women.

Arshad Jutt Karlo,  a man from Pakistan shared an incident and some photographs, which might make you laugh or make you feel sad for him, but for him, definitely, it’s a huge loss. The post he shared shows a woman on a video call holding money. The Pakistani man had sent money to that woman.

The Pakistani man shared that the woman has said that she needed some money urgently as her father was hospitalized. He sent her money to help her, but she blocked him as soon as she received the money.

The man is still in shock and is forced to blame all Filipina for the same. The woman fled away but has managed to leave a bad impression of all Filipinos. Everybody in Philippines is not like that girl, but it is well said and believed that the first impression is the last impression.

We urge you to be very careful before you make love on social media and also before you meet them in person. We do not intend to say that every person is flawed but it is always advised to take precautions before the damage occurs.