Finland PM Resigns Because He Lied To The Public, Desi Twitter Reacts

Finland PM Resigns Because He Lied To The Public, Desi Twitter Reacts

Well, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that our politicians can lie at the drop of a hat, be it false promises in the elections or concocting lies to suit their interests.

From giving fake numbers to boast about our economy to the time when the BJP said that our national anthem was voted the best in the UN – our politicians have twisted data time and again for their convenience. Even our PM advertises this recipe of lying again and again.

It has become commonplace now and unfortunately, we have accepted it as a part of our lives.

But back in Finland, the Prime Minister resigned just because he lost support from the coalition partner Centre Party and was asked to do so.

Yes you read that right. Finnish PM Antti Rinne handed his resignation to President Sauli Niinisto on Tuesday, December 3. He took the office in June earlier this year.

According to reports , the PM did so after it was discovered that he has been lying about the postal service reforms and that the central party has lost faith in his governance.

“All of the governing parties have confidence in me, except for the Centre Party. When I was told why they no longer have confidence in me, I made the decision to resign,” Rinne told a news agency.

“All of the government parties are committed to the… government programme. If (me) being prime minister jeopardizes the government program, it is better that I steer clear of it,” he further added.

Of course, Indians on Twitter quite couldn’t believe the Finnish PM resigned first time after being asked to do so.

Considering Indians back home have been waiting for the ‘ Acche Din ‘ to come for the last 6 years, this news showed people how exactly it should be done in the field of politics.

But still we can’t see something like this happening in our Parliament anytime soon.


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